Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sneak Peak- Our Home

I know you are all dying to see inside...

So here is a sneak peak

More to come later.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Real Adult

I know I am getting to be one of those crazy bloggers, who blogs more than once a month.

I wanted to take you on a tour of our new apartment, but couldn't bring myself to take pictures of our messy apartment. It has been a crazy week of papers, homework, labs, and work. I feel like I am drowning this week because a huge paper looms on the horizon for Monday so I actually haven't spent anytime cleaning. 

Let me take you on an adventure for today.

I woke up and not 10 minutes after I woke up I had a phone call stating I owed over $800 for lab work I had done back in February.

Excuse me....that isn't a typo. over $800 almost $900.

Before I even got off the phone I could feel my throat closing and the sting of tears in my eyes. We don't have that kind of money to spend willy nilly.

So I got off the phone and immediately called my mom for our insurance companies number. I called the insurance company and was told they wouldn't approve it because they needed more information.I had them fax my dr the forms needed to prove it was not preexisting.

At this point a feeling of relief came over me, but I still had this huge knot in my stomach.

I called the drs office, who had not recieved the forms, but they directed me to the lab that did the work for possible decoding issues. I called them, called my insurance, called the dr, called the insurance, and called the dr. After four hours of calling and playing phone tag I think I have the entire situation taken care of. Due to this I have been running behind all day.

Obviously one thing can through a kink in my day.

All of this had me starting to think about a lot. Now that James and I are married life is real. We are no longer playing this game of being in school, escaping reality, living off the fruit of our parents. Instead we are working hard, playing hard, and moving toward an end goal. That was scary to me, the fact that we are expected to live life like adults now.

Basically this is me Megan, the real adult.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

The best moment of the day happens to be when I walk in the door from a long day of school or work and James is there. It makes everything worthwhile I guess.

Like the fact that we rarely see each
Or that we both spend an amazing amount of time on homework, labs, and at work
Or that life likes to throw curve balls our way

I think about where James and I will be 10 years from now? What life will be like then. It makes me think that yes these next 4 years +/- 1 will such, but after them we will be done with school and it all will be worthwhile.

Again I am homesick, it is that time of year again when Holidays happen monthly and the weather starts to get colder. It would easier if we lived next to our families. With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up I keep looking forward to a break. I love the week of Thanksgiving, I often feel like my classes are a joke and can't wait till I get to spend at least two blissful days of relaxation. I am hoping for at least 4 maybe 5 this year.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

House Guests Among Other Things

We are done. We finally moved from Wymount to our lovely little abode on 500 N. I love it, and it is beyond perfect. Instead of feeling like I am living in a dorm room I feel like I am living in a home.

At the ripe old age of 23 I finally had my first house guests in my home (good thing we have that separate bedroom and a couch). James' old mission companion and his girlfriend came down for the weekend to go to the BYU game, see family, and spend time with James. It has been fun, and interesting so far. As soon as I found out I was freaking out, and didn't know how to react to the possibility of me being responsible for two other people's fun times for an entire weekend. So far so good, I tried to think of everything.

Positives and Negatives For the Past Week
+ All Done With Wymount
- Had to move out of Wymount and Clean it (I am sure I still smell like cleaning supplies)
+Its General Conference Weekend
-We have an apartment full of boxes and have no time to unpack them
+ We have house guests
-/+ We gave them our tickets to the BYU game, so we missed the amazing ending to the Utah State vs BYU game.
+ Which means in 24 days I am going to be in a classroom, teaching
- I am nervous

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moved, Well Almost

So we moved...well are in the process of moving.

Let me take you on our little adventure.

My last post, yeah that's about the time that James and I became serious about moving. We would look, but then we would not find anything. We hated the idea of paying rent double one month. We would find a place and go look at it and not feel right about it. Finally we would look find a place fall in love with it but realize it didn't make sense to move. 

Until two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago we struck pay dirt. Well as far as apartments go of course.

I was looking at KSL (a Utah version of craigslist) again, since the previous day we had gone to look at this cute apartment far from campus (and by far I mean 6 or 7 blocks west). I kept telling James my dream would be to live within a few blocks south of campus. There are so many cute houses and it actually feels more like a neighborhood area than anywhere else we had looked. He kept telling me it wasn't possible. Then I saw it. The ad.

Now unlike other ads of apartments south of campus this one had a nice price, as in the same price we were paying at Wymount and...washer and dryer hookups.

I texted the Land Lord and asked if we could come look at it. I had at this point only seen the 8 pictures on the KSL ad. He lets me know we can come over later that day. James and I pull up to a fourplex, and walk in the front door. The apartment is perfect, and James and I both knew it before we even spoke to each other. The living room and kitchen area together were the size of our last apartment. James and I walked through the entire apartment and asked the Landlord how we could proceed. We filled out a application and the next day gave him a check for the deposit and first months rent. Now two weeks later James and I are about 3/4 the way moved into our 200 square feet larger apartment. Thanks to a slew of men who helped us move all of our furniture on Saturday (well mostly men, Jill came too).

Can I tell you how grown up I feel. When we moved into Wymount I felt like were moving into a dorm room, it definitely did not feel like an adult move.

Checklist of Being an Adult with Your Own Apartment:
Utilities in our name
* Gas   * Electric * Internet
Purchasing a Washer and Dryer A story itself, we purchased them from an elderly man who offered us a slew of other furniture. That was an adventure unto itself. Another fantastic find off KSL (and although used, are new to us and work wonderfully)
Renters Insurance 

Okay, so it is not this huge amazing checklist. But Let me tell you I definitely feel more adult, and I think James does too!

I promise pictures will be soon to come. Its 8 oclock and I have a lesson plan to write, and about 50 more pages to read. Don't worry I have already taken a hand writing test :) I love my major and have some freaking awesome girls in my classes with me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Apartment Search

Wymount is not for us, the cinder block walls, the small space, and last but not least...they are raising the rent this fall. Granted it is only 16 dollars, but for the price we are paying now we could get two bedrooms with everything we have plus washer and dryer hookups. So we are on the lookout for a new place  to live, hopefully not cinder block! We have a meeting tomorrow at one apartment.

Oh how I love washer and dryers...and how I miss them.  Who would have thought you could miss something so simple. (PS I LOVE THESE -- No we definitely dont have these nor will for a while LOOK at the price tag!)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spring Term

Spring Term sucked. We never saw each other, I worked 7-3, went to class and when I got home I had homework, then a short 2 hours later (during which time dinner had to be made, dishes washed, laundry done) James would go to work. It was hard, I knew it was going to be hard but not this hard. But it is over! James took two finals today, and feels really confident in his final grades! I took my MFG 201 final today, that class was by far the worst class I have ever taken at BYU. It was interesting, but way too much reading for Spring Term, plus a midterm or test every two weeks killed me. My bookbinding final is tomorrow night, and I love my final project. I plan on replicating it for a wedding album.

Work has been great, I was given the opportunity to go to an excel class a few weeks ago and have fallen in love with excel. It always shocks me how much excel is capable of. I feel like I still haven't found my niche again at work, but am slowly getting there. Being an analyst is different than what I was doing last time, but its a great difference. I love my job, and have started to see how what I am doing at work is actually making a difference.

James and I went to the Temple for the first time since we have been married with Allison and Jeff (my freshman roommate and her husband). It was amazing to be there again, and I felt like I took more away this time. We plan to go back again this weekend, hopefully up to Salt Lake.

James' sister Jill and cousin KT are in Ecuador working in orphanages for service. They have been there the last month and they are coming home super soon. It is exciting to read Jill's email and to look at pictures. I can tell Jill and Katie are having an amazing experience and I can't wait to hear stories and see more pictures.

I promise to upload pictures of our apartment soon, I still feel like our apartment isn't home. I think I need to hang up more pictures and decorate a bit. Cinder blocks make it hard, but we will get there.

14 days till we leave for Kentucky and Virginia. I am more than excited.