Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 7th

For proprieties sake I guess I better write down everything about our Wedding Day.

We were staying at Penny and Don's house in Highland, Utah. The night before I kept tossing and turning in bed, and my mom kept telling me to sleep. I kept telling her I was not going to be able to sleep. Finally 330 am rolled around and I got up and took a long hot shower. I brushed my teeth and got dressed. I then called Crystal who I had made an appointment with to do my hair at the house in Highland. Crystal finally arrived and we snuck down the stairs and she started doing my hair. My mom talked to the two of us, and Crystal finished my hair and makeup. She asked to check and make sure it was how I wanted it and I looked in the mirror and felt like it was perfect. I finished getting ready, and helped Mom and John finish getting ready and we headed out the door after a quick breakfast.

As soon as we were like 15 minutes away from the house I realized I left my jewelry in the bedroom and I absolutely needed jewelry. We turned around and I ran in and grabbed the jewelry, then we were on our way. I called Jennie and James on the way to make sure that they were up and on their way. They were and John, Mom and I arrive at the Temple and find the parking below the Conference Center. We grab my dress and temple bag from the car and started walking toward the Temple. We get in the elevator and everybody around us started telling me congratulations and how excited I must be. Finally we cross the street toward the Temple and work our way to the Temple entrance.

As soon as we walk into the double doors I start crying and give my brother and mom a hug. I kept telling my mom that I was sorry, and she kept telling me it was fine. I needed to go. It was going to be ok, and she was going to be fine. It was the hardest moment of the day, I knew I was making the right decision and my mom let me go. As soon as I let go of my mom I saw James and he had the hugest smile on his face.  Then I saw Amanda Johnson was waiting for me. She gave me a hug and helped me check my wedding dress. James and I checked in and were taken to a processing area where we got a name tag for each of us to wear with all of our information. I met my two escorts and Jennie and Amanda went with me to get ready. I got dressed and then was taken to meet James, the two of us went to the Celestial Room at the Temple and waited to be called to go to our sealing. We were picked up and the two of us where brought to the sealing room where we were sealed for time and all eternity. It was great having so many people who loved both of us and supported both of us.

After the sealing we went back to get changed and head out to take pictures. As soon as I was done I got my bouquet and hurried out with the escorts. One of the escorts told me to wait here and she would be right back, she turned the corner to make sure James was there. I was so impatient I wanted to see him! She came back and said yes, I rounded the corner and James' face was perfect. This was one of my favorite moments from the day. We walked out of the Temple and were greeted by all of our friends and family. It was fantastic to have hugs and love from so many people. We spent ages taking pictures, which I am eternally grateful for. I love them! Most people left, and we continued to take pictures. Finally everybody but Amanda Johnson left as our photographer finished taking photographs. We hurried into the Temple to change into Sunday clothes and left. On the way out I realized I forgot my coat and just told them to forget it, it wasn't very expensive. I was famished, and just wanted to spend time with James. Amanda Johnson ran back in and got my coat. We finally found my car ( I had forgotten which level I had parked it on, and looked on almost all the levels for it) and headed for the luncheon.

We arrived at the luncheon late, whoops! When we arrived I realized I was feeling a little bit more under the weather than I had previously let on and my voice was starting to get shaky. We were introduced to everybody and chowed down on some fantastic food made by James' fantastic aunt Emily. We spoke with people and eventually left to check into the hotel. We checked in and then headed back down to Highland for the reception that night. When we arrived we had to change back into our wedding garb. I was so anxious, and as I looked at James' Aunt and Uncle's beautiful home I was amazed at the beautiful decorations and time everybody had put into this for us. People started arriving and we formed a welcoming line in the foyer. So many people came, way more than I had ever imagined. Friends from college, our old Bishop from Georgetown (who had tried to make it for the sealing but was delayed due to flights!), and coworkers. Finally we decided to cut the cake and before we cut the cake I told James remember green cake white dress. That did not keep him from being mean. He didn't push it too hard and only a bit of cake remained on my face. We threw the bouquet and the garter. I was told not to throw to high as it would hit the chandelier. I did anyway. For the garter I had two, a toss garter and one I wanted to keep. I put one on but told James to toss one and I handed it to him. His mom and aunts laughed and said, you are supposed to wear that. I said I know, I wanted to keep one :). Shortly after mingling a bit we decided to leave and changed into street clothes. I gave my family and new family a hug and James and I headed toward the hotel. (We stopped at a grocery store on the way, we were still famished!) And don't worry about me being sick...I was sick (voice lost and all) during our cruise!