Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Real Adult

I know I am getting to be one of those crazy bloggers, who blogs more than once a month.

I wanted to take you on a tour of our new apartment, but couldn't bring myself to take pictures of our messy apartment. It has been a crazy week of papers, homework, labs, and work. I feel like I am drowning this week because a huge paper looms on the horizon for Monday so I actually haven't spent anytime cleaning. 

Let me take you on an adventure for today.

I woke up and not 10 minutes after I woke up I had a phone call stating I owed over $800 for lab work I had done back in February.

Excuse me....that isn't a typo. over $800 almost $900.

Before I even got off the phone I could feel my throat closing and the sting of tears in my eyes. We don't have that kind of money to spend willy nilly.

So I got off the phone and immediately called my mom for our insurance companies number. I called the insurance company and was told they wouldn't approve it because they needed more information.I had them fax my dr the forms needed to prove it was not preexisting.

At this point a feeling of relief came over me, but I still had this huge knot in my stomach.

I called the drs office, who had not recieved the forms, but they directed me to the lab that did the work for possible decoding issues. I called them, called my insurance, called the dr, called the insurance, and called the dr. After four hours of calling and playing phone tag I think I have the entire situation taken care of. Due to this I have been running behind all day.

Obviously one thing can through a kink in my day.

All of this had me starting to think about a lot. Now that James and I are married life is real. We are no longer playing this game of being in school, escaping reality, living off the fruit of our parents. Instead we are working hard, playing hard, and moving toward an end goal. That was scary to me, the fact that we are expected to live life like adults now.

Basically this is me Megan, the real adult.



Seriously? I have been waiting almost 4, that's FOUR months to "see" the inside of your place...please, oh please, take a minute and show me:) Thanks...hope you are doing well in your final semester of college!

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