Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moved, Well Almost

So we moved...well are in the process of moving.

Let me take you on our little adventure.

My last post, yeah that's about the time that James and I became serious about moving. We would look, but then we would not find anything. We hated the idea of paying rent double one month. We would find a place and go look at it and not feel right about it. Finally we would look find a place fall in love with it but realize it didn't make sense to move. 

Until two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago we struck pay dirt. Well as far as apartments go of course.

I was looking at KSL (a Utah version of craigslist) again, since the previous day we had gone to look at this cute apartment far from campus (and by far I mean 6 or 7 blocks west). I kept telling James my dream would be to live within a few blocks south of campus. There are so many cute houses and it actually feels more like a neighborhood area than anywhere else we had looked. He kept telling me it wasn't possible. Then I saw it. The ad.

Now unlike other ads of apartments south of campus this one had a nice price, as in the same price we were paying at Wymount and...washer and dryer hookups.

I texted the Land Lord and asked if we could come look at it. I had at this point only seen the 8 pictures on the KSL ad. He lets me know we can come over later that day. James and I pull up to a fourplex, and walk in the front door. The apartment is perfect, and James and I both knew it before we even spoke to each other. The living room and kitchen area together were the size of our last apartment. James and I walked through the entire apartment and asked the Landlord how we could proceed. We filled out a application and the next day gave him a check for the deposit and first months rent. Now two weeks later James and I are about 3/4 the way moved into our 200 square feet larger apartment. Thanks to a slew of men who helped us move all of our furniture on Saturday (well mostly men, Jill came too).

Can I tell you how grown up I feel. When we moved into Wymount I felt like were moving into a dorm room, it definitely did not feel like an adult move.

Checklist of Being an Adult with Your Own Apartment:
Utilities in our name
* Gas   * Electric * Internet
Purchasing a Washer and Dryer A story itself, we purchased them from an elderly man who offered us a slew of other furniture. That was an adventure unto itself. Another fantastic find off KSL (and although used, are new to us and work wonderfully)
Renters Insurance 

Okay, so it is not this huge amazing checklist. But Let me tell you I definitely feel more adult, and I think James does too!

I promise pictures will be soon to come. Its 8 oclock and I have a lesson plan to write, and about 50 more pages to read. Don't worry I have already taken a hand writing test :) I love my major and have some freaking awesome girls in my classes with me.



Thanks for the great update:) Sounds like life is going well. Say "hey" to James:)

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