Sunday, June 12, 2011


The best feeling in the entire world is waking up next to your husband and realizing he is your forever. Every single day when I wake up I just can't believe we made it through everything. Obviously I am one very lucky girl.

I finally received my wedding pictures in the mail from all events and can I just say I LOVE THEM. Without a doubt I made the best choices when it comes to photographers.

Just a taste

Taken by Alison Worthen

In Kentucky, taken by Panache Photography

Now for James and I? Well we are still in school, and both have our last classes for the term on Monday. Which would be super exciting for me, except I get to do it all over again Summer Term. James on the other hand is taking a break before diving head first into Fall Semester. I'm taking four class summer, two of them are online, which will be nice. Then my last General Ed class ever, at this point I feel like some sort of GE Finishing Party may be needed. I mentioned earlier I was taking a bookbinding class, and I can honestly say it is an amazing class. I will miss it next term, mostly because it was relaxing.

Lately I have been getting home sick, and I can't explain why. James and I talked about it yesterday, and I think its because Kentucky is where I grew up. It is all I have ever really known, and I have never really moved from Georgetown. I am now living in a new state, married, and starting my own life. Its new but exciting. Not to mention in a short 3ish weeks James and I get to go to Kentucky to see family, then to Virginia to spend a couple days with the Forsgren family, all of them. We are looking forward to the vacation and some quality time with family.


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