Monday, May 9, 2011


So James and I got married on April 7th, 2011, over a month ago! It was exactly what I had imagined and everything I could have hoped for.

He looked stunning in his suit and I was told I looked fantabulous in my dress

Interesting story:

James had one document to remember to bring from Kentucky, I had his birth certificate and a bunch of other documents. On day one of driving from Kentucky to Utah I get a call from James and he lets me know he left his Temple Recommend and Living Ordinance Recommend in Kentucky. I am not one known for being calm in pretty much any situation. I began freaking out and of course James kept telling me to remain calm. Finally after numerous phone calls, one to a member of the Stake Presidency asking them to break into his parents house it was all figured out. PS I did eventually calm down.

Our wedding day was fantastic, it wasn't terribly cold and the rain held off while we took pictures.I will never forget sitting next to James in the Temple and looking into his eyes as we were sealed for time and all eternity. Definitly the best day and best decision of my life. James and I were terribly late to our luncheon due to millions of pictures! but I am extremely grateful for them. Emily is the best freaking cook ever. Everyone kept complimenting on it. James and I ran to the hotel and checked in before heading back down to Highland for our open house. It was packed to say the least, and I couldnt have ever imagined the number of people who came to it. James and I are very fortunate to have so many people who love us.

James and I were exhausted but we had two days of rest and relaxation before our 8 day 7 night cruise to the Carribbean, I will write another post about this when it is not 10 at night :)

James and I headed back to Kentucky with a long wait at the airport in Fort Lauderdale (we played many a game of rummy). Finally we arrived home where we, well I spent the next two days helping finish final touches on our reception in Kentucky. Jocelyn (James Aunt), Jimette (James Aunt), Jennie (James Mom), and my mom spent so much time throwing things together. Making food and just making everything perfect for James and I. The reception in Kentucky was perfect, I seriously can not think of one thing I would have changed. We had an hour to decorate it and it was done within 40ish minutes with all the help. The cake was stunning and tasted fantastic. Yet again I was astounded by the support and love James and I recieved.

Moving across country was fun, and a different experience. I hated driving, and as a last minute decision James and I decided to do the move in a moving van in two days. James did most the driving. I have sworn never to move again, since it took 3 boys and two girls an hour to unload our moving van. James and I have been unpacking slowly, and the only thing that remains is a few boxes that are at Paul and Rachels house in Provo for us to pick up.

Our ward is great, I absolutely love it. We have gone a total of one time since being married but it is way nice to be 2 minutes from our ward. Our bishop actually lived in Lexington a few years ago, so as James says we are on the good list since we have the Kentucky connection. The ward is super small due to Spring and Summer, but I feel like I will get to know a lot of people extremly easily.

I work 7.5 hours a day and have class for 4 hours on Tuesday and Thursday and 2.5 hours on Monday and Wednesday. Mostly I am never home and with James' schedule being the exact opposite of mine we rarely see each other. It sucks, but we are making it work. I think enjoying your job helps me, plus I am taking a stress free class Bookbinding and am learning some of the coolest things I have ever learned.

Wish us luck this semester, and as James tells me help me remain calm.

Mrs. Jenkins


stalker sarah

Yay!!! You did look beautiful!! Wish we could have gone to the Kentucky reception!! Congrats to you both! :)


Just like James!! You're a forever family!!

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